Code Audits

Software code audit is simply a through code review. During audits, we focus on finding inefficiencies in architecture, performance, security, development processes and deployments.

Our team of developers with extensive experience in server-side, front-end and infrastructure engineering can help you to tackle these inefficiencies.

You can also hire our services for ongoing or one time fixed code reviews. For ongoing code reviews, our team will be responsible for part or for all of your code reviews.

When should you use a code auditing service?

It’s advisable to have a code audit done in case your product may be:

  • A legacy website or application that has been outdated or obsolete
  • Have performance issues where your application have slowed down with scale
  • Have an issue with your product but do not understand why
  • Have never done a security audit
  • Your project requires a lot of time to ship new features and fixes
  • Would like to know if you are compliant with government imposed privacy regulations such as GDPR