We can help you to set up deployment pipelines, servers and services(Background Jobs, e-mails, Databases, etc.) . We can come up with a hosting architecture across various platforms from Digital Ocean, AWS, Google Cloud,, Heroku or one that you are using now that fit your needs.

At lightfulweb, we have access to System Administrators, DevOps specialists and Developers who are also experienced in deploying services to cloud providers or to custom virtual private servers.

What can we offer?

  • Setting up architecture for your cloud environments
  • Setting up scripts to manage your servers and your applications which reside in those servers
  • Configure and setup background processing services that help to speed up your app by scheduling expensive jobs in the background
  • Configure and setup caching servers
  • Audit your deployment flows and come up with solutions to speed them up and automate them
  • Create and maintain development environments for testing
  • Integrate your deployment flows in Continue Integration(CI) providers such as Github Actions, Gitlab CI, CircleCI and many more