Test Automation

At lightfulweb, we are betting big on test automation. We believe tests must be part of any software product and development of any feature should always include them.

Test automation is a process of automating testing of the features of your web application, a software product or anything that is executed with software. This includes your deployment pipelines as well.

Are you having issues where developing new features takes longer than usual because your developers are afraid to touch existing code?

Are you having constant bugs and issues in your product?

A healthy automated test suite can help your developers to develop fast with confidence, reduce the number of bugs in your systems and reduce the amount of time you need to test features are each release.

We also believe the best way to get familiar with the codebase of any product, is to start writing tests for them. Thus, if you product have little or no test suite, we can make sure that is not the case anymore when we are done with the task.