Welcome to the lighter side of the web

lightfulweb is a boutique software development and consulting agency with a focus on development of web applications and services, based in Tallin, Estonia.

We care a lot about maintainability of your projects, code quality and development standards and of course understanding your business problems to be solved. Be it be a legacy or a greenfield application, let’s have a chat.

We only take on projects where we are the right fit, to help both ourselves and our clients be satisfied through the process.


Software Development

We can help bring your idea to life by applying our favorite programming stacks to your project. We are experienced in both Frontend and Backend development and mainly use Ruby, Javascript, HTML, CSS…

Fintech Consultation

We have extensive experience and access to network of people, companies and financial institutions in Fintech and Payments space within Europe, Brazil and Asia. We love online payments and have been…

Code Audits

Software code audit is simply a through code review. During audits, we focus on finding inefficiencies in architecture, performance, security, development processes and deployments. Our team of…


We can help you to set up deployment pipelines, servers and services(Background Jobs, e-mails, Databases, etc.) . We can come up with a hosting architecture across various platforms from Digital…

Technical Consultation

Let’s have a chat in case none of the services specified in our list of services fits your criteria. We can either refer you to one of our partners, or consult you anyway. Remember, initial…

Test Automation

At lightfulweb, we are betting big on test automation. We believe tests must be part of any software product and development of any feature should always include them. Test automation is a process of…


Free Consultation

Initial consultation is always free of charge.


Experienced Teams

We work with highly experienced developers, designers and product developers.


Network of Fintech professionals

We have extensive network of partners and professionals within Fintech industry.